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oilgasRemote gas well sites require local flow metering of the mineral reserve's gas flow rate for asset and revenue accounting purposes. Differential pressure flow meters are commonly used for this purpose. 

Traditionally, local flow metering was done using high maintenance mechanical circular chart recorders. Today these have been replaced with electrically powered remote terminal units (RTU). Multiple remote terminal units communicate to a central host system via radio systems or tap into the cellular phone system.

The host (or central control room) communicates with the RTUs and radio communication infrastructure is referred to as a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. In addition to gas flow metering, the RTU also provides some local, self-contained, site control such as well shut-in in the event of abnormal gas flow conditions. However the bulk of the RTU's function is to provide the host with site specific data which includes the above mentioned gas flow metering data, plus process related data including pipeline and/or well pressure, condensate tank levels etc.

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